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Morocco: Case study

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case study
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  1. Introduction
  2. About Morocco
  3. Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea
  4. Conclusion

Morocco is located to the North of Africa. It borders Algeria, Western Sahara, the North Atlantic Ocean, Algeria and the Mediterranean Sea, and Western Sahara. Morocco is well known for its long history with diverse cultures and diverse cuisines. Its proximity to Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea shapes its history. It was first controlled by the Phoenicians. Other people who controlled it were the Romans, Visigoths, Vandals and the Byzantine Greeks. The Arabs introduced Islam in morocco in the seventh century B.C.E. Both men and women, who worship in Mosques. The Muslim culture in morocco has a great deal dictated the clothes that people of morocco wear. Even with the great change of the modes of dressing due to westernization, Morocco has embraced its dressing cultures and has not greatly been affected by the western dressing. Women wear the traditional headscarf and djallaba. Some of the young girls and women, however, wear t-shirts and jeans.

[...] Such occasions bring families together. Marriage preparations are done a year before the real time. A simple agreement is signed by the bride and the bridegroom in the presence of witnesses and a Moroccan notary and formalized in front of the family members of the couple. The custom requires the couple to present themselves to traditional Moroccan Humam two days before the wedding. This is followed by a ceremony where the bride's feet are drawn different shapes as a sign of luck. [...]

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[...] The official language in Morocco is Arabic. The Arabic language spoken here is known as darija, which is not the same as the Arabic spoken in other Arabic speaking countries. However, due to the increased use of television and radio, most of the Moroccans have been exposed to the official Arabic language referred to as the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Most of the Moroccans speak this language although 50% of them also speak a second language known as Berber. Other minor languages which are spoken in morocco include Spanish and Jewish. [...]