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Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

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12 Nov 2023

Nutrition policy in South Korea - Hye-Kyung Park (2008); Kenya's push to promote traditional food is good for nutrition and cultural heritage - Patrick Maundu (2022); How Korean food philosophy can help us reconnect - WP Creative Group (2021) - Nutrition in South Korea and Kenya

Case study - 4 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

I decided to take an interest in the all-important subject of nutrition and the innovative policies put in place to address this global problem. As obesity problems increasingly affect the whole population, we need to find keys to return to a healthier and more normal situation. This is the issue...

21 May 2023

Cheese-Making Process

Presentation - 11 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

The different stages in the production of Emmental cheese.

14 Jan 2020

Foods that pregnant women should avoid

Summary - 2 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

Pregnancy is a time of rapid development, so mothers to be should be very careful when choosing what to eat, because some foods may harm them or their unborn baby. This research paper is written after reading several articles on the subject.