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  1. Introduction
  2. University Professor helps FBI crack 70 million cybercrime ring
  3. Cybercrime impact on the worldwide justice systems
  4. Processes which combat global crime
  5. Conclusion

A cybercrime is ?the unauthorized use of computer technology to manipulate critical user data? (Oak, n.d., para 1). Cybercrimes are not victimless offenses and are similar to crimes that take place in the physical world. Cybercrimes include spamming, hacking, credit fraud, cyber-bullying, piracy, cyber-terrorism, identity theft, and even drug trafficking. The contents of this essay will summarize a recent article displaying an example of cybercrime. In addition, the text will analyze cybercrime impact on worldwide justice systems and the processes which combat global crime.

In 2008, an Eastern Europe group called the Trident Breach designed ZeuS, a key logger program that infects hundreds of computers and obtains bank information from users. ZeuS is sent as an e-mail link or an attachment and when opened it records and transfer usernames and passwords to the Trident Breach. Using the ZeuS program, hackers stole $70 million from payroll accounts of more than 400 American companies and organizations with the help of money mules. These money mules were people unaware of the illegal activities of the Trident Breach and solicited into Internet jobs, such as work-at-home requiring individuals to open bank accounts. However, the banks became suspicious of this activity so the group begun using 18 Russian students to help with the money transfers (Williams, 2012).

[...] With the help of wanted posters provided by the FBI and research methods, Professor Wagner and his students located majority of the money mules using social network sites. As a result, the FBI captured 17 of the Russian money mules. Cybercrime has produced a different set of problems than justice systems around the world have come across in the past. As a result, Interpol has created four departments to work on information technology crime, such as American, African, Asia- South Pacific, and European. The creation of these departments is very important and as have improved communication and cooperation between countries and regions regarding their laws. [...]

[...] Organizations need to begin the implementation of security procedures and establish thorough strategies for handing confidential information. For example, organizations are incorporating security technology to assist in the elimination of cybercrimes. Some of the security technology employed includes anti-virus software, software tools for validation purposes, and tools that assist in detecting intruders. Other countries outside of the United States are taking different steps to decrease cybercrime. McConnell International (2000) explains that ?most countries, particularly those in the developing world, are seeking a model to follow. [...]

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