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Court issues analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Court administrators
  3. Language interpretation
  4. Victims' rights
  5. Disadvantages of court administrators
  6. Conclusion

Court administrators are a major asset to the courtroom. They ?work in a variety of ways to ensure the continued operations of a court of law? (Callahan, 2010, para. I). Court Administrators are also referred to as court executives. In many ways the duties of a court administrator mirrors similar duties of the typical of an administrators or an administrator's assistant. A court administrator's main reason for being is to ensure that all polices and protocols of a courtroom are followed in order to maintain a productive environment.

As part of their administrative duties, court executives are in charge of generic administrative responsibilities ?such as controlling court budget spending, collecting fines, ordering and managing court supplies, and inspecting and arranging for court equipment maintenance? (Bradenberg, 2010, para. IV) and various clerical duties. Court executives may act as the court's public relations personal and may answer questions that the general public may have.

[...] The court administrator may have too many assigned tasks and may struggle juggling responsibilities. Situations such as the example of the woman who required an interrupter may end up being missed. Conclusion The court administrator is a key player in the courtroom, but their role is played behind the scenes. The court executive takes on a plethora of tasks and has many roles under their belt. They are the voice of the courtroom and will answer questions from the media and the general public. [...]

[...] They also provide victims and defendants with interpreters if by chance they require one. References Bradenberg, Denise. (2010). Court Administrator Responsibilities. Retrieved on March from administrator-responsibilities.html. Callahan, Rob. (2010). Court Administrators Duties. Retrieved on March from duties.html. Chen. Michelle. (2009). Language barriers in the courtroom. Retrieved on March from .html. Faeorin-Cruich, Alan. (2010). Court Administrator Duties. [...]

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