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Grant proposal and presentation

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  1. Introduction
  2. How, when and where to spend the funds
  3. Using the grant
  4. Training the employees
  5. Stress Management
  6. Conclusion

The local police department has been graciously awarded a grant of $100,000 grant from a philanthropist in town to be used toward a worthy cause. The grant will be a substantial asset to the department during this time of financial crisis. The grant proposal and presentation presented by the local police chief will explain how the funds would be best used. When the funds would be received and allocated to the appropriate departments within the local police department as well as where the funds will be spent. Should the community choose to review the grant proposal and the presentation; the information will be made available by contacting the Office of the Business Manager at the local police department in which a copy will be provided for external review. The current administration is proposing that the funds be allocated toward new modems in laptops for patrol cruisers as well as employee counseling and training programs.

The proposed grant of $100,000 from the philanthropist in town would best be used with a dual purpose. Increasing the technological advancement of replacing worn out, and outdated modems in patrol cruisers is part of the option to use the funds. The other option in conjunction with the replacing the modems is to add training of employee's to use the new modems and counseling for employees in relation to stress relating to job performance.

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