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Malfunction junction case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Potential Problems with Traditional-thinking Officers and Supervisors
  3. Reorganizing the Agency
  4. Reorganizing the Agency
  5. Evaluating the Progress of Community Policing
  6. Conclusion

A police agency should be organized to be able to know what will happen within the organization in terms of change when a new chief is sworn in. The organization should be able to know what they want to accomplish and how they will reach their goals. The program COPPS (community oriented policing and problem solving) will help the agency to implement the elements of change within the police organization. The success of the COPPS program will determine what will work and what new accommodations of COPPS will be within the agency. How the COPPS program works for its agency will either increases or reduce the work load of the agency. How the supervision of officers assists the agency in regard to the COPPS program will be discussed as well as the benefits or consequences of implementing, or not implementing, the program.

The potential problems associated with maintaining the traditional-thinking officers and supervisors continuing working within the organization are many. Resistance to change will stifle the ability of the department to benefit with the new technology which changes frequently within law enforcement. Failure to educate the supervisors and subordinates how to utilize the new equipment meant to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy will only slow down the growth of the department. Maintaining current technology is critical to a law enforcement department's success in terms of communication with other law enforcement agencies as well as the employees.

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