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Policing development and operation trends paper

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  1. Introduction
  2. Organizational management
    1. Watchman
    2. Legalistic
    3. Service
  3. Administration policing
  4. Operational policing
  5. Conclusion

The United States Government has developed what is referred to as the criminal justice system. This system is broken into multi-tier organizations and agencies; though while similar in terms of goals the systems are separate. There are three main systems within the tiered system: Local, State, and Federal. These systems operate in a similar manner, but remain as three separate entities. Each agency relies heavily on their ability to be organized and maintain effective administration in order to operate in a successful manner. The American criminal justice system takes consideration on past trends in order to evolve with future policing.

Law enforcement systems are fragmented and determined primarily by geography, politics, regional customs, and specific organizational structures. The United States policing system derives from historic English policing where cities and towns grew out of an early reliance on bailiffs, or watchmen. In 1829, Sir Robert Peel also known as the ?father? became the creator of the world's first modern police force, the London Metropolitan America. The London police introduced the basis for modern police: mission, strategy, and organizational structure. The mission was crime prevention rather than post-crime detection and punishment. Officers would be visible throughout the community by patrolling fixed beats. The new police wore uniforms, state employees, and guidelines were set to improve the community relations and professional behavior. Officers became known as Bobbies after their founder as the central law enforcement figures. The Modern American policing consists of three eras, the Political Era, the Reform Era, and the Community Era, each possessing personal policing style of watchman, legalistic, and service (Walker & Katz, 2008).

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