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The Legal, Ethical, and Technological Concerns in Investments

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  1. Introduction
  2. Legal concerns
  3. Technological concerns
  4. Ethical concerns
  5. Conclusion

The need for accountability links the accounting and financial reporting of businesses to the law. The main interest of the law in this case is to protect the interests of the public from manipulations of the statements to exploit unsuspecting citizens. In addition, the law creates a platform for the alignment of all reporting processes to be as homogenous as possible (Stice& Stice, 2011). That is to say that in the accounting and financial reporting of businesses, there are often regulations to be followed to create reports that look familiar. These regulations dictate the aspects to be included in the financial reports and the things that are to be excluded. The result is uniformity in the reporting process.

The financial reporting process must also consider taxable elements in the report. For example, the turnover or the gross profit after elimination of the total expenditure are used to calculate the taxes(Stice & Stice, 2011). Therefore, in the event of dishonesty, the reporting system is often used to hide specific figures to reduce the burden of taxes on an organization.

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