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Understanding the learning style

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  1. Introduction
  2. An overview of learning and learning styles
  3. Discussion
  4. Conclusion

Learning is a dynamic psychological process that entails getting information into the mind of an individual. The learner concentrates on his proficiencies, memorizes, and finally articulates his thoughts and perceptions. It makes the individual make sense about his environment hence enabling him to acclimatize to new conditions. Learning style is referred to as a collection of cognitive, expressive, characteristic, and psychological factors that function as stable pointers of how a learner identifies, associates with and reacts to the learning environment. It is the various methods or ways a person applies in learning. There are the various learning methods that are unique to individuals that allow a person to learn best. There is no any assessment on learning style that has been established which is broadly accepted. Data available on the legitimacy of the context of learning styles is not strong enough. Teaching techniques that indulge one style of learning are most of the times not specific to that learning style (Bauer & Erdogan, 2010).

Recognizing one's learning technique and matching it with the right strategy can lead to high academic achievement. Investigations on learning style demonstrate that there are more aspects to learning than a simple preference for the surrounding or channel. To know the best learning style for an individual, the individual should first establish what kind of learner he is. Many factors both environmental and personal affect the way people learn. In the upcoming years, the community is likely to realize a radical shift in the way learning in an organization occurs. This may be attributed to fast technological improvements, social responsiveness, and cultural unification. Understanding one's learning style enhances the organization's capacity to deal with these issues and establish an environment that is jointly advantageous both to the organization and to the learner (Pritchard, 2008, p. 100).

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