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Why the Saudi Government Implemented Banning Exports of Cement?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion and analysis
  3. Trends in cement demand
  4. Main outlets or inputs
  5. Barriers to Entry
  6. Advantages to the Firm
  7. Conclusion

In 2009, the ban was partially lifted following an upsurge in demand in the Middle Eastern countries. Other factor was the continued fall in country's GDP growth rate projections for the past 2 years forcing the adjustment on foreign trade policies to boost the balance of payments. The outlaw has had slight effect on the cement manufacturers. According to Jimaa (2011), cement sales in the Saudi Arabian market (local market) had grown from ?3.61 million tons to 4.61 million tons between April 2010 and April 2011? despite the 2009 export ban (p. 2). In 2011, domestic demand for cement in Saudi Arabia rose to 48 million tons, and Economists predict that the demand is likely to rise to more than 50 million tons by 2013.Based on the increasing construction projects currently taking place in Saudi Arabia, economists have predicted growth in demand throughout this year (2012). This means that companies will have sufficient demand in the local market.Therefore,the government ban on exports will not affect the sales for the companies.

The figure below shows forecasts for demand in cement since 2007. It is evident that the demand has been increasing gradually throughout the years.Economists predict similar trend between 2011 and 2013. This implies that sales per company shall increase within the local market now that the government has banned the export of cement.

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