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How the "author's rights" are treated domestically under the law of France and how "copyright" is treated domestically under the law of United State of America?

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  1. Origins of Copyright and authors rights
  2. Differences between copyright and authors rights
  3. Similarities between copyright and authors rights

The intellectual property refers both for brands analysis, commercial secrets, from patents to copyrights. It was at the beginning used by jurists only, it has been the subject of increased attention by the economists since the 1980s, and gradually spread as the certainty that produce ideas had become a decisive competitive advantage, value added and source of employment. Most publications have focused on industrial property, in particular on the role of patents in the development of a country relative to its competitors whereas the United States have developed a long tradition of economic analysis around the copyright focusing on disciplines identified under the term ?law and economics?. Researches about the question of copyright appear lately in Europe.

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