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Reorganizing and Consolidating Bureaucracy in America

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  1. Introduction
  2. Accountability in all bureaucratic systems
  3. Proper review of all functional systems
  4. Reviews of all rules and regulations made by bureaucrats
  5. Departments afected by changes in the bureaucratic system
    1. Education System
    2. Treasury Department
    3. Department of security or defence
  6. Conclusion

The bureaucracy in America has become a major concern in development over the past years. Strict rules, procedures and different functions or obligations are divided and it becomes difficult to handle some tasks due to unnecessary processes involved. Most public institutions are serious bureaucrats with myriad of systems which determine how things are done in such organizations. The public sector is not spared either since the system extends further to frustrate the public in their day-today activities. ?Bureaucratic behavior is assumed to follow the intent of the legislature? (Milakovich and Gordon 30). However, bureaucracy has some benefits to the country. Through it, there is organization of a system's function and duties and responsibilities are clearly stated. Individuals are made aware of the scope of their duties and all people who can perform similar tasks are grouped together for purposes of efficiency. Moreover, bureaucracy has enabled definition of duties and formation of rules regulating certain actions, which then determines how individuals behave in their line of duty. This paper, therefore, focuses on bureaucracy in America, its disadvantages, how it undermines certain progresses, changes that would simplify bureaucratic operations and how to achieve efficiency in bureaucracy.

To begin with, there has to be accountability in all bureaucratic systems. With accountability it means that no one would just impose rules, regulations and procedures for no good reason. In addition, in cases where bureaucratic systems violate the constitution or go against individual rights, someone has to be accountable and stand the risk of either losing their job or jail terms. This would be an efficient process to ensure that all rules governing certain actions and events are up to the task and are not just implemented to frustrate people. Moreover, accountability would ensure that individuals who go about making rules do not go against the constitution, which is very essential for fair running of the country.

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