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Correctional systems, in criminal justification

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  1. Introduction
  2. Overcrowding and overpopulation
  3. Overpopulation in prison
  4. Conclusion

Correctional systems, in criminal justification, are the various actions taken by the government agencies to protect innocent citizens from the lawbreakers (Siegel, 2013). The agencies are required to punish the offenders through lock up in prison, hard labor and community services. However, to reduce the number of inmates, criminals with petty crimes are on probation. Punishment is the most apparent objective of the correctional system that is guilty. Punishment acts as a restraint to criminals who would think of repeating crime and example to the lawbreakers (Siegel, 2013). According to research, the correctional systems are running out of information on how to manage the issues affecting the correctional systems.

The United States of America correctional systems are believed most advanced prison system globally. This is because of the increased crime rates in the country. However, like other countries globally the American correctional system faces many issues that tend to be hard for the legal system to handle. There is one major issue of overcrowding in the prisons that have been caused by high-crime rates, harsh laws made by the legal system for certain offenses, high rate of criminals returned to jail for committing felonies and long-term sentences for certain offenses (Scott, 2010).

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