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Court Proceeding Observation

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  1. Introduction
  2. Proceeding
  3. A plea of not guilty
  4. The second session (11.00-11.55 AM)
  5. Judgment
  6. Recommendations
  7. Conclusion

The case presented before the court involved drug trafficking. The accused were being charged with counts of drug dealing in the city. There are three suspects involved in the case; two men aged 30 and 38 years and a young lady in her mid twenties. On 3rd March 2013, they were found in possession of 2kgs of marijuana in their resident. The investigations were carried out by the anti-narcotics police. They are believed to have been selling the drugs to the young youths and part of criminal gangs terrorizing the city. The three suspects before the court had been marked by the police as a dangerous gang and put in the list of wanted gangs in the city. Some of the residents questioned by the police admitted to the three being drug dealers. The court used the evidence presented before it to either hold them accountable or rule otherwise (White 120).

Ten minutes before the proceeding, the audience who are to follow the whole process took their seats in the courtroom. As one of the audience I took to the front seat in order to follow keenly and closely. At exactly 9 am we are guided into a standing ovation as the presiding judge entered the court room. Then the suspects were brought into the courtroom under a tight security (White 129). One of the clerks ordered silence. The judge requested one of the assigned clerks to read the case for the suspects to confirm their case. He proceeded to read to the suspects the democratic rights that they enjoy while in the court. The court rules were then read out to the court. That people were to remain silent during the sessions and no misconduct in the court. The suspects were asked to corporate and the lawyers to treat each other with respect. The police provided evidence they collected during their investigation and bared witness that these were the real suspects they caught. The witnesses were given time to testify. They were called one by one and questioned in detail by the prosecutor, lawyers and the suspects

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