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Managing Employment Relations - Work life balance and the law

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  1. Work life balance and the law
  2. Rights of an employee as a family member
  3. Reasons for paying employees fairly
  4. Areas of discrimination legislation
  5. The good practice that supports organizational policies and the psychological contract
  6. Conclusion

Work-life balance involves creating an enabling environment for employees to balance between work and personal responsibilities making them work harder and become committed to the organization. Employers should support it to comply with laws to promote equality opportunities by ensuring employees who are parents are not disadvantaged at work due to their caring responsibilities.

Also, afford such people opportunities to earn income and improve their lives.
According to experts, flexible work-life balance reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and improves recruitment and retention of dedicated staff. Legislations have been enacted to support employees by recognizing their need for sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave, time to take care for dependants and right to request for flexible working arrangements. Some of the enacted laws include: Employment Act 2002, The Employment Equality (Age) Regulation, 2006, The Equality Act, 2006, The Work and Families Act, 2006 and Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations, 1999.

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