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Public relations services agreement

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  1. Recitals.
  2. The parties agree.
    1. Term.
    2. Scope of services.
  3. PR services options.
    1. Sponsorships and events.
  4. Compensation and invoices.
  5. Accounting records.
  6. Services agreement.
  7. Property of company.
  8. Confidential information.
  9. Termination.
  10. Subcontractors.
  11. Indemnification.
  12. Default.
  13. Bankruptcy.
  14. No third pary beneficiaries.
  15. Governing law.
  16. Joint and sevral liability.
  17. Signature of parties.
  18. Warranties.

Recitals: The purpose of this Agreement is for the Company to retain an experienced and qualified public relations agency to provide a range of public relations and communications tasks for Company.
The Parties Agree:
1. TERM: The term of this Agreement is for one year commencing on (Month, Day and Year) and ending on (Month, Day and Year). This Agreement will be automatically renewed at the end of the current term or any renewal term unless either party provides written notice non-renewal at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the then end of the current term.
2. SCOPE OF SERVICES: Company has the option of accepting services from three packages as indicated in columns A, B, or C. For purposes of this agreement, Company requires Consultant to perform the services in Column ?A? in the PR Services Options matrix:

[...] Reimbursement for required special projects that necessitate the hiring of temporary personnel will be made to Consultant in 30 days after receipt of the invoice on an actual cost basis with no markup and as an add-on to the agency service fee ACCOUNTING RECORDS: During the term of this Agreement and for a period of three years following the date of final payment, the Company may audit any costs, payment, settlement, or supporting documentation resulting from any item set forth in this Agreement. [...]

[...] To the extent required, in acknowledgement of Company's obligations under 12 CFR 748, Consultant has a formal information security policy and by way of this Agreement agrees that safeguards the confidentiality of Company's member's records and information; protects against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such records; protects against unauthorized access to or use of such records or information that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to Company's members; notifies Company regarding any breach of security resulting in an unauthorized intrusion into Company's members information or information systems as soon is reasonably possible after the breach is discovered and takes immediate action to halt the intrusion and/or reacquire the Company's members information; provides Company with access to review audits, summaries of test results, or other equivalent valuations on an ongoing basis to confirm that the obligations outlined in through above are being met and maintained; and requires third parties from whom Consultant procures services in connection with this agreement to have a formal information security policy that addresses the issues described in above. [...]

[...] X X X Develop PR metrics through evaluation of existing survey data and implement new research. Locate a comprehensive ?clip file? to include print and broadcast exposure. Provide on-going reporting and tracking of PR activities and progress to management. X X X Sponsorships and Events as delineated below Sponsorships and Events. Consultant will use its best efforts to search for high profile community sponsorship opportunities to showcase Company. These opportunities can range from mid-level participation to ?name sponsorship.? Company would be well served to set aside a Sponsorship Reserve of between $25,000 to $75,000 to access these opportunities. [...]

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