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  • Is violence the best way to protest?
    Essay from 1 page - Linguistics & languages
    The present paper critically examines to which extent violence is an efficient way to protest, if the best. First, we will address the stand that violence is a useful and efficient way to further a cause. Then, we will analyse how on the opposite violence can harm a cause if used by its opponents and detractors.
  • Is violence the best way to protest? - published: 13/10/2023
    Essay from 1 page - Social, moral & civic education
    We are currently witnessing a surge in popular unrest all across the world. In that regard, 2019 has been a very busy year. Protests that sometimes turned violent have happened in many countries, including but not limited to France, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Spain... 2020 will probably be no different. These events raise the following question: is...