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Kings as Philosophers and Philosophers as Kings

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  1. Introduction
  2. Socrates and the fundamental differences between the true philosophers and 'practical people'
  3. Socrates' reply to Adeimantus' criticism
  4. Adeimantus' acceptance of Socrates' arguments
  5. Criticism of Socrates' statement on philosopher
  6. Book three of the Republic
  7. Plato and the response to knowledge criticism
  8. Conclusion
  9. Works cited

In books 5 and 6 of Plato's Republic, the issue of who should rule society is addressed. Through out the dialogue, the character Socrates makes several arguments for the intelligence, virtue and worth of philosophers as people and as potential rulers. In this paper I will examine his arguments for granting ?philosopher kings? ruler ship of society. I will provide criticisms for these arguments and examine those criticisms by reapplying the ideas of Plato. I will conclude with my arguments for and against the theory of kings as philosophers and philosophers as kings.

Keywords: Glaucon, guardians of the city

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