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Election and political life

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07 Feb 2024

Recent Prime Ministers

Presentation - 5 pages - Political life and election

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's popularity has declined, to fall below the popularity rating of Liz Truss. The party is trying to save itself by implementing an increasingly right-wing policy. Also, polls indicate a radical decline in the popularity of the Conservative in favor of the left....

18 Jan 2024

What Defines the American Race for Presidency?

Essay - 2 pages - Political life and election

The American democracy is one of the oldest ones that hasn't changed its core in the modern world. For example, countries like France went through five different republics. It was created on the fourth of July in the year 1776 after the American War of Independence against the British Empire....

18 Sep 2022

The System of Government and the Prime Minister

Presentation - 23 pages - Political life and election

This document tackles the British system of government and the role of the Prime Minister.

31 Jul 2022

The United States and the World: Bush's Second Term and Current Trends in the US Foreign Policy Establishment

Course material - 9 pages - Political life and election

After Bush's re-election in November 2004, there were some doubts about the kind of policy he would now follow, after the occupation of Iraq had revealed itself as a much more difficult undertaking than what the Administration had contemplated. Many felt at the time the President would vastly...

26 Nov 2021

The different political parties in the United Kingdom

Presentation - 2 pages - Political life and election

The politic life in United Kingdom is based on the cleavage between the Labour and the conservative since the twenties, because of the political system that favors the big parties like them. The Conservative Party was founded in 1834 and is a right or center-right party. Since its foundation, it...

24 Feb 2021

The Vice Président in The United States

Essay - 3 pages - Political life and election

After my teammate's presentation about the election mode of the US president who is complex. We are going to study the election of the vice president. The vice president is elected by the same electoral college which votes for the president of the US at the same time. Both are elected for...

24 Jan 2021

Which voting system is best at representing diverse interests?

Essay - 5 pages - Political life and election

Nowadays, there have been increasing complaints of citizens who believe that politicians are not representing them properly, which makes it interesting to attempt to answer the question: which voting system is best at representing diverse interests? We will try to answer this question by looking...