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Corn Ethanol: How realistic is this source?

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  1. Introduction.
    1. President Obama and a new energy program.
    2. Corn-based ethanol as a case study to demonstrate the complexity of policy and legislation development.
  2. Political dimension.
    1. A major political upsets in the modern-era.
    2. Interest groups and lobbying.
    3. A confidential World Bank report on biofuels.
  3. Economic analysis.
    1. The increased volatility and rapid decline of the stock market.
    2. The benefits of investing in ethanol.
    3. Ethanol production in the United States.
    4. Is the subsidized growth of the corn ethanol industry a positive influence in the economy?
  4. Environmental concerns.
    1. Climate change policies.
    2. Estimates of The regulatory impact analysis for the Environmental Protection Agency's Renewable Fuels Standard.
    3. Scientific studies and the suggestion that environmental benefits of corn-based ethanol may not be as great.
  5. Discussion and recommendation.

While the price of gasoline has dropped precipitously since the summer, the memory of $3.80 - $4.00/gallon of gasoline is still fresh in the minds of most Americans. In fact, gasoline is at its lowest price in almost 10 years; however, the American population is still looking to President-elect Obama to develop a comprehensive program to bring about energy independence while simultaneously developing jobs and being a good steward of the planet. As part of his energy independence platform, President-elect Obama has called for dramatically increasing corn-based ethanol production.

[...] Realizing how challenging the corn ethanol debate is, consider that this is and will be only one component of a much larger energy policy. When President-elect Obama's administration and Congress work to develop a new energy regime, they will also need to address controversial issues such as coal power, liquification of coal, clean natural gas, and nuclear power. The debates on each of these energy sources will be just as intense, if not more so, as the debate on ethanol. [...]

[...] Huckabee, Obama have huge night in January 2008, Larry Rohter, ?Obama Camp Closely Linked to Ethanol,? New York Times June 2008, Center for Responsive Politics Ibid. Ibid. Senator Charles Grassley is a supporter of the GMA message, yet comes from an ethanol-producing state. Statement Regarding Consumer Price Index Data for March Grocery Manufacturers Association, Aditya Chakrabortty, ?Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis,? The Guardian, July ?Issue Brief: Economic Impacts of Ethanol Production Edition,? American Coalition for [...]

[...] For example, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is a strong opponent of corn-based ethanol, arguing that it is driving up the price of food.[6] A press release issued on April stated, ??Federal food-to-fuel mandates have led to over one quarter of corn to be diverted from food to ethanol production, driving up the price of corn and other commodities to historic highs,' said [Scott Faber, vice president for Federal Affairs at the Grocery Manufacturers Association]. data released today prove that the result has been devastating for American families: cost of food and beverages have risen and annualized rate of over the first quarter of the year. [...]

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