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War and the American Presidency : Arthur Schlesinger

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  1. Introduction
  2. Unilateralism - not a new foreign policy in America
  3. Schlesinger as a famous liberal historian and honest about his political affiliation
  4. The difference between preventive and preemptive
  5. Schlesinger's comments on the malfunctioning of the Electoral College
  6. Schlesinger's style of writing
  7. Conclusion

War And The American Presidency was written by Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who used to be an adviser for Adlai Stevenson's campaign and a special assistant to President Kennedy . He participated in the founding of Americans for Democratic Action, ?America's oldest independent liberal lobbying organization? . Schlesinger wrote many famous books about the American politics, including the much heralded work The Imperial Presidency (1973). War And The American Presidency was published in September 2004, two months before the presidential elections. As a liberal historian, it is not a surprise that Schlesinger disapproves with the so-called ?Bush doctrine?, but as the author underlines it in the Foreword (p. XI), the ?historical dimension? is essential to understanding current issues such as the war in Iraq.

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