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The United States Foreign Policies - The Relationship between the United States and China

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  1. Introduction
  2. The United States Foreign Policies
  3. The Relationship between the United States and China
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

The world has become a global economy. This has facilitated the need for countries to interact from a personal level. The desire to interact is facilitated by the fact that countries have the same desire to progress economically and socially hence the emergence of the need for countries to formulate favorable foreign policies (Toornike, 2009). Foreign policies are guidelines and plans that are put in place by policy makers to guide the nation's behavior while interacting with other nations and organizations in the global scene. Foreign policies have the mandate to protect the nation's interests and rights. All countries at some point in time come up with their foreign policies, and the United States of America has not lagged behind in this trend. The Foreign policy of the United States lays down the protocol that the United States interacts with other nations and the standards they have set to get to the goals of all the stakeholders and involved parties from the individual citizens, corporations and organizations. The foreign policy that I chose in this context is the relationship between the United States and China.

Policy makers of foreign policies have an obligation to given steps to come up with the policies. For example, they must first set an agenda that outlines the problem or issue that facilitates the need for a given foreign policy. Formulation is another step, and it involves debating on the creation of different policies to agree on which one should be chosen for implementation (Toornike, 2009). After that, the policy makers adopt the most suitable policy. The implementation and evaluation stages are the final steps. The latter involves analyzing of the success or failure of the policies. Gathering and analyzing information in the evaluation stage is crucial since the policymakers can know the mistakes they made and hence they could avoid committing the same mistakes in the future. As stated earlier, an example of the United States foreign policy that I am going to focus on is the Sino-US relationship.

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