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The Guns of August and International Politics - Barbara Tuchman

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  1. The book Gun of August has been written by Barbara Tuchman and is about First World War classic histories
  2. The Guns of August is related to international politics since it deals with the relationship between nations, which is international relations according to ?International Relations? by Eric, B. Shiraev, and Vladislav M. Zubok
  3. In the beginning, Barbara speaks of Great Britain's King Edward VII's funeral, which took place on 20 May 1910, and she is convinced that the funeral attenders would later get involved in the First World War
  4. Barbara does not talk of the Turkish campaign within which allied forces would be tremendously defeated at Gallipoli, or even the Middle East war within which T.E. Lawrence won the recognition as Lawrence of Arabia
  5. Tuchman's objective was to gaze at the beginning of the war as well as those situations, which made this war unavoidable
  6. The author lingers more on the plan of action by Germany into the war event- Schlieffen plan, which was developed in 1905 by Alfred Von Schlieffen. Following the defeat of France, the attention of German could be turned to Russia, which was a weaker, however, greater power with the need for extra tome for mobilization
  7. Tuchman happens to be a masterful storyteller as well as a good prose stylist
  8. Looking at Germany's ideas within the 19th century's last half, it was a matter of when ?when? but not ?if? as far as the war against England or France was concerned. German philosophy, hundreds of years is traced by Tuchman, within which she discovers a self-destruction seed, that awaits its hour
  9. In terms of a pure narrative power, this book happens to be an admirable piece of work
  10. The tale of the 1914 gets to be even more lopsided due to Tuchman's choice to pay only a brief consideration to Serbia and the dual monarchy

The book Gun of August has been written by Barbara Tuchman and is about First World War classic histories. In this book, Barbara reconstructs the World War I's first one month, which is the first thirty days within the 1914 summer, which determined the conflict's cause, the century, as well as the ultimate world today. Tuchman began with Edward VII's funeral and traced every step, which resulted to the unavoidable clash. It was unavoidable in the real sense because each side plotted its combat for a generation. Tuchman is quite precise and in a spectacular manner, she evoked the features of the key players of the war. The book is an account for Europe's plunge into the First World War and particularly for the initial battles within the tragic battle.

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