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  1. Introduction
  2. The American psychologist journal
  3. Dr. Gwendolyn Puryear Keita
  4. Discourse communities
  5. Conclusion

Discourse communities are groups of people that use the same language to communicate. This language is usually specialist and thus leaves the other members of the general community out. For example, while reading an engineering paper, the reader has to have a dictionary if they are not a member of the engineering community. This is true for almost all disciplines. Since all disciplines use written language to express themselves, then their identity is found in their written works.

The relevance of this explanation of a discourse community is in explaining the language used in the Journal. This paper has already shown that it is intentioned for psychologists or people with a psychological background. Therefore, the language used in the journal has to be a reflection of this discourse community. Before 2009 (B. Anderson, 2013), when the journal adopted the philosophy of welcoming all people who wished to read it, the articles were written in specialist language that was hard to understand for new readers. After the new policies, the language barriers lessened. However, reading the Journal still requires a level of understanding psychological terms, otherwise the articles lack a flow. However, there are explanations of certain terms, though this is rare.

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