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Apartheid on the Africans

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  1. Defining apartheid
  2. Separation comes from ancient times
  3. The Economic Threat
  4. Apartheid and differentiations
  5. Religious Apartheid
  6. Conclusion

In the history of humanity, has been witnessed by many the exploitation of man by man, for several reasons: political ideology, religious and economic. South Africa lived many years in this system of economic exploitation, emphasizing a difference to other regions dominated, there was this exploration based on legal documents.

Blacks and mestizos, and lost all its territory could offer economically, but still had to live at predetermined locations, work in specific locations, not defy the laws, at the risk of being arrested, beaten and even killed. The right to claim all this did not exist, since it was legalized.
England and the Netherlands, more specifically, and other countries, also divided the African continent according to their interests, and after the discovery of gold and diamonds in the territory of the Transvaal and Orange, this exploitation only tends to increase, reaching be conflicts between the whites themselves that dominated the region.

It took years of resistance and courage of some people that this regime was modified in Africa, but the consequences remained, leading to famine and poverty in the territory today. Who view Africa that state dependent and third world it is, may not have any idea how rich was that continent, such a holding which she suffered.

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