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The Current Organization of the Local Government System in England

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Current Organization of the Local Government System in England
  3. Analysis
  4. Conclusion

The government of England has a complex pattern with quite an array of functions distributed according to the local governments. The government and public administration includes the central government and the civil service, devolved and regional government and the local government. The main role of the branches in government and their agencies is to advice ministers and implement government policy. All these are funded by the parliament and work together with the local government, non-departmental community bodies and other government funded organisations. National policy is set at the central government although the local government is responsible for the daily local matters. Council tax, government grants and business rates all fund the local authorities. This paper evaluates the current organisation and the working experience of the local government system in England.

England's local government has had a series of constant restructuring processes over several centuries and is still continually experiencing this. The intention of this is to streamline and modernise political and administration functions of the local authorities and effectively serve the citizens. The Local Government Act, passed in 1888 necessitated the establishment of sixty six county councils, and a London county council. Elected councillors were supposed to run these county councils and would comprise of a chairman, aldermen and councillors. This Act also transferred the administrative and financial practices from local courts (Quarter Sessions) to the county councils (Leach & Copus 2004). This also encompassed levying of rates, maintenance of infrastructure, organising parliamentary elections and appointing, setting or dismissing the salaries of county officers. It also enabled creation of county boroughs with those exceeding 50,000 people becoming administrative counties (Audit Commission 1997).

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