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The essence of apartheid

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  1. Introduction
  2. Apartheid in South Africa
  3. The Church's Rationale
  4. Historical Justifications for the European Domination
  5. Ethnic Groups and South Africans
  6. Conclusion

Apartheid in South Africa is seen as something so common that it is in the Constitution. It is the only nation in the world that skin color determines the conditions of life and survival of people, despite the many historical justifications, the Apartheid violates all the conditions of human beings.

The white minority 16% of the population possess in their hands 87% of the total area of the country, has 70% of national income and is the only one who can vote in parliament. There is some difficulty in analyzing why so many privileges in the hands of a few, but the white invasion of Africa was very extensive, here is the need for a thorough analysis (Pereira, 1988).

Many wrongly use the term apartheid, which means separation, with racial segregation or racial discrimination. This confusion can not occur because the Apartheid in South Africa, was based on a Constitution that favored only white so unlike this discrimination within the law, it was legal. The disparity between whites and blacks was such that in 1976, we calculated the space given to white and black, the white area by having uninhabited spaces had about an area 530 times larger than the black area.

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