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Of Gustavo Capanema vision on the question in brazilian population protection act creating social family

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  1. Introduction
  2. Social Rights of the Family
  3. Demographic Issues
  4. Conclusion

When Getulio Vargas adopted Decree-Law 3200 of April 19, 1941 - on social protection of the family - was determining state intervention in poor and large families. New in Brazil and recent attitude in Europe, corresponding to the so-called "family issue" problematic within the critical and social debate in the nineteenth century occurred as a result of growing social and economic inequality after the consolidation of capitalism. Philanthropists, religious, doctors, civil servants and writers realized that the capitalist liberal idea of the nineteenth century did not bring equality of opportunity for all. Rather, he undermined, increasingly, the possibility of growth and development of the poorest, causing them suffering. Which was higher by mothers, elderly, sick and children.

The continuing progress of the industry, the new paths they entered the arts, changing relations between workers and employers, the influence of wealth in the hands of a small number next to the indigence of the crowd, opinion, finally, more advantaged where men form themselves and their more compact union, all this, not to mention the corruption of morals, gave final result in a fearsome conflict.

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