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Is Violence an American Tradition?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Application of Textbook's Analogy
  3. Apply Concepts: Objectification & Institutional Discrimination
  4. Historic Amnesia & Romanticize the Past
  5. Conclusion

Thio, Taylor, and Schwartz (2012) considers violence to be of types which include assault, serial and mass murder, terrorism, genocide, hate-motivated violence, school violence. The authors argue that the poor are the most likely persons in the world to engage in violence, specifically homicide. The poor resort to violence as a way addressing interpersonal conflict. This is why Thio et al. (2012) explain that although the poor or the less privileged in society the most likely to commit violence, most of the murder/homicide or violence that they commit are towards other poor people and not on those privileged. Most homicides amongst the poor are intra-racial not interracial.

They apparently consider violence as a means of getting respect; it is considered as a symbol of masculinity and toughness. This is a view also expressed in the Home box Office video, Violence-An American Tradition, by Kunhardt and Kunhardt (1996), which explains that violence began with considering others as being lesser human beings whose pain was of less value or less important. This explains why male supremacy and white supremacy were used as excuses for violence against blacks.

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