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Bahrain: Tourism and hotels

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  1. Introduction to the hotel industry
    1. Definition
    2. Origin of the hotel industry
    3. Importance of the hotel industry
  2. Types of hotels
    1. Types of rooms
    2. Types of hotels
    3. Location
    4. Number of rooms
    5. Type of plan
    6. Type of clientele
    7. Facilities offered
  3. Introduction to tourism
    1. Tourism
    2. Purpose of travel
    3. Basic competency of tourism
  4. History of tourism
  5. Relationship between tourism industry and hotel industry
  6. Importance of tourism
  7. Future of tourism industry
  8. The responsibility of the country for promoting tourism
  9. Profile of the place
    1. Welcome to Bahrain: Island of golden smiles
    2. Government
    3. People
    4. Style of living
    5. Language
    6. Education
    7. Bahrain's role in the Persian Gulf War
    8. Land
    9. Climate
    10. Economy
    11. Transportation
  10. Facts on Bahrain
  11. Places of interest
    1. The Hawar islands
    2. Bahrain wild life sanctuary
    3. The Zallaq beach
    4. Saar boatyard
    5. The Saudi Causeway hotel and beach
    6. The airport garden
  12. Star category hotels of the country

The hotel industry is one of the oldest commercial endeavors in the world. The first inns were built way back in the 6th century B.C. and were a result of the urge to travel that happened after the invention of the ?wheel". Husband-and-wife teams opened the earliest inns by providing travelers with large halls to make their own beds and with wholesome food. These conditions prevailed for several hundred years. The advent of the industrial revolution in England brought ideas and progress in the business of inn-keeping. The development of railways and steam ships made traveling more prominent. The lead in hotel-keeping was taken by the emerging nations of Europe, especially Switzerland. It was in Europe that the birth of an organized hotel industry, which provided a variety of services and was patronized by the aristocracy, took place. The word "hotel" was used in England in about 1760. In America, such establishments were called Inns or coffee houses.

The hotel industry is the heart of the tourism industry. The hotel industry is responsible for almost 50% of the foreign exchange earned by the tourism industry. The industry is an employment creator. It needs the services professionals like accountant, contractors, interior decorators, etc.

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