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China’s rise to power

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  1. Introduction
  2. The effect of People's Liberation Army
  3. New Security Concept by China
  4. Differences among the various kinds of nationalism
  5. Growing concern in Asia and the West
  6. Types of nationalism
    1. Chinese nationalism
    2. Liberal nationalism
    3. Pragmatic nationalism
  7. Can nationalism really be pragmatic?
  8. Chinese relationship ASEAN
  9. China's notion of 'great power identity'
  10. Conclusion

Most outside analysts believe that China is experiencing the most secure and ?threat-free? period in its post-1949 history. But, China's military leaders appear to perceive the international environment as dangerous and threatening. Since the end of World War II, China has had an uncertain foreign policy climate, but now, with the exception of the volatile situation in Taiwan, China appears to have no external threats. Despite this, there is a contradiction within the Chinese ranks about the direction the country should take with regard to the way China should build its military.

On the one hand, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is trying to build the military into a strong military force, while on the other hand, civilian groups are saying that the resources that go into the military should be diverted into more effective programs as there are still many people that live in poverty in that country. It all comes down to how dangerous the country actually is.

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