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Discussing the idea of America as E Pluribus Unum or E Pluribus Pluribus using Mexican-American immigrants as an example.

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  1. First Viewpoint: E Pluribus Unum
  2. Opposing Viewpoint: E Pluribus Pluribus

History has shown that America is made up of many people. The original people of this continent are the Native Americans. Then we have the English immigrants and Irish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Polish, Russian and immigrants of other countries. One by one they have integrated themselves into the society. Many people can claim heritage from many different cultures. This occurrence is why the United States is called the "melting pot", a place where people from all different nations and cultures mix to form a new ideal nation. The newest influx of people recently have been the Mexicans. The Mexican people have been integrated into the United States in a variety of different ways. The very first Mexican-Americans were mostly from Texas and the southern states when they used to be part of Mexico. Over time, they have moved to other parts of the United States. Mexican-Americans have been here for a long time, but have recently been drawn to the public eye. For some reason, people have suddenly become nervous about their culture affecting the American culture.

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