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Gender identity and the theory of performativity

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  1. Introduction
  2. McDowell's argument on gender
  3. Judith Butler's argument
  4. Creation of gender identity
  5. Criticisms
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

In her book Gender, Identity and Place, Linda McDowell addresses the question of how gender, identity and geography are intertwined in a shared struggle for power, and how they are reciprocal and interdependent? Her main argument throughout the book is that the notion of gender and identity, that is, what it means to be a woman is heavily influenced by place, and the elements that go with this place. She makes the strong argument that ?explicit and implicit rules and regulations about whose bodies are permitted in which spaces between them and their internal divisions.? (McDowell, 1999: 166). he ensures that notions of power and resistance be used to help understand what it means to be a women. The argument that she tries to defend throughout her book is that gender must be considered a facet of geography, and by doing this we are able to conceptualize a new past and a new present. It also opens the door to the possibility that power relations are a variable force, and therefore they can be changed in the future.

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