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Immediate needs: A collective analysis of the Violence Against Women Act of 1995

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  1. Issue definition
  2. Affected population
  3. Controversial issues
  4. Theoretical perspectives
  5. Values and ideologies
  6. Key stakeholders and their positions
  7. Policy options
  8. Provision, recipients and circumstances
  9. Implementation and evaluation options
  10. Evaluation and indicators of success
  11. References

The broad policy issue that our committee addressed was violence against women. This issue is often assumed to occur in the context of intimate partner violence (IPV ). However, violence against women is best defined as any act of physical force with the intent to harm, subjugate or abuse a woman or a group of women. This includes human trafficking, war crimes, female genital mutilation, workplace sexual harassment, as well as domestic violence (DV).

Internationally, both women and men are affected by the expansive occurrences of violence against women. Given its definition, it is obvious that women are the most affected gender population. However, as these acts persist in various forms, it becomes a norm, and perpetrators feel more validation in their actions (e.g. Blaisure & Allen, 1995). In particular with intimate partner violence, Bent-Goodley (2007) states that IPV is the leading cause of injuries in women of the ages 15 to 44, resulting in a cost of more than $44 million to the health system.

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