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Race from a multi cultural perspective

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  1. Introduction
  2. Race and racism in th book by Collins and Andersen
  3. Multicultural education as defined by Barbara Miner
  4. Important questions
    1. How can teachers incorporate multiculturalism into their classrooms?
    2. How can a multicultural education be implemented in schools?
    3. What about the lack of funding for such a systematic change in education?
    4. Who will impart this multicultural education?
  5. The idea of racial safety
    1. Education and eliminating racism
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Currently race is an issue that is intertwined with several aspects of society. We are constantly learning what is right and wrong in society through our families, the media, and our educations and often those images are negative and racist. Racism develops and is ingrained in the structure of our institutions. Using the knowledge I have gained in this and other sociology classes, I will follow current theories that research the socialization processes affect on racism in children, how racism is an issue and finally how providing multicultural education is one of the first steps to reversing any negative images children have by creating an environment that makes parents and children of all races feel comfortable. First I will show the particular functions of institutions in the socialization and education process, then I will discuss what racism is, where it comes, from and how it is a part of our society, further I will discuss the different aspects and reasons for using a multi-cultural education system in order to alleviate some of these negatives based on the theories of authors discussed in our text.

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