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The tourism industry in India and the current status

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  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of tourist and its origin
  3. The emergence of the tour operator
  4. Characteristics of tourism
  5. Importance and significance of tourism
    1. Tourism product
    2. Role and functions of the ministry of the tourism
    3. National tourism awards
  6. Conclusion

Tourism is an activity that takes place when people move to some other place for leisure or business & stay at least for 24 hours. Tourism as a form of education is a part of civilized existence. Tourism involves the stay of nonresidents in that area other than that usual place of residence, the stay is of temporary nature, they take up different activity during their stay, the stay is not connected with any remunerated activity or an activity involving earnings.

Domestic tourism alone in India accounts for more than 300 million holiday makers per year within the country. We all know that pilgrimage tourism in India is more than 2,000 year old. The domestic holiday culture which was till 1990 restricted to the people by nature from West Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra has now spread widely to people from as new leisure domestic tourists emerging from Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

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