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Tourism in Kerala

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  1. Introduction to tourism
  2. Tourism in the world
  3. Growth of tourism
  4. Nature of tourism
  5. The basic component of tourism
  6. Influences
  7. Demographic and social trends
  8. Drawbacks of tourism
  9. Importance of the tourism industry
  10. Introduction to Kerala
    1. Districts of Kerala
    2. About Kerala
  11. Tourism in Kerala
    1. The best time to visit tourism destinations in kerala
    2. Awards won by the state
    3. Tourist attractions in Kerala
    4. Fairs and festivals of kerala
    5. How to reach tourism destinations in Kerala
    6. Art and culture of Kerala
  12. Tourism in Trivandrum
    1. Thiruvananthapuram city
    2. Places to visit in Thiruvananthapuram
  13. Kerala: India's most advanced society
  14. Places of worship
  15. The backwaters of Kerala
  16. Conclusion

Despite uncertainty in economic and political conditions since the 1970s, tourism continued to grow rapidly. The situation was characterized by an increase in tourist receipts. So in this context it needs to be mentioned that several countries re-organized their respective tourism departments to deploy more efficient management techniques. Installing a new management structure that enables the official tourism policy to be reviewed periodically can enhance the long-term effectiveness of such re-organization. The regional development of tourism is growing in importance along with the planned development of other economic resources and environmental protection.

Sandwiched between the towering mountains and deep sea, Kerala is a long stretch of enchanting greenery. The tall, exotic coconut trees dominate the landscape. It is said that the land derived its name from kera which means coconut. There is a fascinating story of the warrior sage Parasurama hurling his axe into the sea and Kerala emerged from the water. Legends may have hidden the truth but the land of Kerala was once under the sea and might have surfaced gradually as a result of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

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