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Why a chewing gum dropped off on the floor constitutes a public nuisance? How could we solve this problem

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  1. Introduction
  2. A visible and invisible pollution at the same time
    1. A pollution that can be noticed in all the towns
    2. A really slow disrepair
    3. An expensive and rough cleaning
    4. A renewal due to the smoking ban
  3. Solutions that already exists
    1. Presentation of Gummy Bins
    2. The origins, case study of Besançon's city, the French precursor
  4. Project for Nantes
  5. Conclusion

Ecology is today a very important subject in our lifestyle, in the context of sustainability.

Pollution has become a scourge and we must find solutions to counter it, but there is one type that doesn't have real and durable solution: the one caused by chewing gum. Chewing gum is present on many streets, on pavements, that is very annoying and damages the beauty of many places.

Our approach consists of learning how we can efficiently fight against chewing-gum pollution. We will see in the first part the effects of this pollution. Then, we will look for solutions to eliminate the gum pollution with examples of French and English cities which have worked on it. The problem of objectivity regarding cleanliness is also tackled: a street can be considered as dirty by certain people, but clean for others. And chewing gum, in comparison with other urban pollutions, such as dog "droppings", rubbish and cigarette butts, do not disturb the pedestrian traffic.

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