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Immigrant Performance in the UK and Germany

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  1. Theoretical Background
    1. The Role and diversity of Human Capital Endowments
    2. The role of Segmentation
    3. Theories of Discrimination
  2. Empirical Results
    1. Germany
    2. The United Kingdom
    3. Empirical Results: A Summary: Similarities and Differences between the two countries
  3. Why the difference in economic performances? ? Reasons behind it
  4. Policy Implications

In the XIXth century, Roubaix became the world textiles capital. Its factories were the most modern in the world while its wool exchange was the most influential, even almost two hundred years after, one of the last and most famous wool factories of Roubaix closed in 2000. And yet, several textile corporations like La Redoute, 3 Suisses and Camaïeu are still located in the North of France even if their factories have been gradually relocated to Asia since 1975. Engineering students specialized in textiles are still taught in schools like ENSAIT in Roubaix. Although textile production doesn't exist any longer, textiles still exist. Cyrillus is one of these firms that are still active, but to keep their place on the world market, they must innovate, to find the right way to sell their products and to be competitive. These means are numerous and this is what this Company project is about.

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