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Obligation law

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07 May 2023

Court of Common Pleas, 29 January 1855, Canham v/ Barry - Can an agreement made in writing be altered by an oral term or condition?

Law case - 2 pages - Obligation law

The plaintiff (Canham) and the defendant (Barry) signed on the 13th of June 1854 an agreement or an instrument in writing. In that agreement, the defendant (as a lessee) agreed to sell to the plaintiff all his unexpired term and leasehold interest in the farm, at West Thurrock, in the county of...

19 Sep 2022

The Law of Contract

Worksheets - 5 pages - Obligation law

The law of contract is a framework in which all commercial transactions from the smallest consumer purchase to the most complex business agreement are going to take place. Contract law is essentially a case-law subject. Case law is all the decisions made by the court. There are very important...