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Contributions of the dual transmission

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  1. Introduction
  2. Construction of students with mentors
  3. Transmission in Gran Torino (chosen sequence)
  4. Conclusion

Redemption is an important factor to grip the viewer to moral values upheld by the film. And redemption of the character is linked to the satisfaction of the viewer. Because we believe the films according to our religious beliefs related to our culture thus, we can see that the end of movie Honkytonk Man and Gran Torino appear to be satisfactory for the viewer for two reasons: the first is the character, although he died at peace with himself at the moment of death as it has more weight on his conscience.

Indeed, the Red confesses to Marlene was thinking this is Mary. Thao Walt confesses to the murder of a young Korean and protecting the Hmong family. The second is that the transmission: in both films, she has been accomplished since Thao became a man and Whit too. Indeed, in Eastwood movies, as we have seen, a boy becomes a man he can do things alone, it has a car and he has a girlfriend (Whit and Marlene Thao and Yum Yum).

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