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Nursing Services respectful - place in the health care system

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nursing Services
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A nurse, who takes the role of advocate, must promote a climate in which the individuals, groups, families or a population can act in their own interest, and this includes having access to resources and intervenes when they are unable to act in their own interests. The role of client advocate is there to protect the rights of clients. In addition, a nurse is obligated to act on their knowledge when a client's best interest may be in danger because of unsafe practice or professional misconduct by nurses or other health care providers. When speaking of being a mediator, this means that the nurse be an intermediary between her client and other people of the client's environment. The third component is the one of becoming an actor. This is where the nurse acts or intervenes on behalf of a client. The role of the client advocate is there to inform and support a client.

When a client comes into our health care system, it is an unfamiliar environment for them, while nurses are knowledgeable in this environment and thus have the ability to promote some comfort level to the client in this environment by providing information in a language that the client understands. This gives the client some control within the limits of this environment and the health care options that are available to them. They mention on how nurses also advocate their own contributions to the health of society. By doing so, they advocate for the profession and for nurses to practice to their full scope, and nurses are advocating safe, effective and efficient health care for the population.

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