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The Team: pathological phenomena on health professionals

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  1. Introduction
  2. Pathological phenomena
  3. Health professionals
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

During this work, thought to question the focus of treatment that has been given to the patient. That is, sometimes the patient was taken care of by a team whose only concern was his physical body, and at other times, there was the search for a more comprehensive performance, also considering its psychological aspects.

In this topic, the aim is not to make a thorough investigation of the aspects of the health care team. However, it is considered that the ICU this team also goes through very stressful times and this may prevent good value family-staff-patient failing to do benefits for all three.

Santos and Sebastiani (2001) raise the question that the advancement of knowledge in the Health Science area culminated in the emergence of professional specialties and subspecialties. For them, on the one hand the deepening of expertise was essential, on the other generated a dichotomized reading of the patient. The way to mitigate such problems, according to the authors, is the proposed interdisciplinary approach, as well add to knowledge and the patient's cyst in full.

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