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Reggae Music- Culture, tool for social change and communication

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reggae music
  3. Reggae music as a basis of social change
  4. Reggae music culture
  5. Reggae music as a means of conveying vital messages
  6. Conclusion
  7. Conclusion

1960 commonly referred to as the sixties refers to the time denoting the complex interrelated cultural and political trends across the globe. It is referred to as the actual decade when decolonization took place in most parts of the world. In Africa, 32 countries gained independence from the colonialists during the sixties. The black power movement also prospered in this era and the global political and social upheaval flourished towards the late 1960's. At each phase of revolution, music matched the biographies of those who made it and responded to it. Therefore, music epitomized a relevant form of communication and prediction expected to pass (Borstelmann., 2001). This is not to mean that only reggae music contributed towards freedom but the teachings of the Rastafarian culture were communicated in form of reggae music.

Reggae music blew up as a bang during this period to the resistance movements against imperialism. Reggae music began in Kingston Jamaica and conquered the world by acquiring an emblematic Rastafarian character. Reggae musicians tried to create a form of connection between the historic activities of decolonizing Africa and Jamaica, the black power movement in America, and the political and social upheaval towards the end of 1960. This is evidenced through historic writings and movies such as Rockers, which tried to explain the history and purpose of reggae music. The movie shows the development of reggae music from the film's small and self-contained world. The music was dedicated to the whites indirectly. In one-movie scenes, the late Jacob Miller is seen with his band playing music for white tourist who did not have the slightest idea of what was going on.

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