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To what extent can we consider self-fulfilling prophecies as responsible of the maintenance of stereotypes?

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  1. Some studies reveal the existence of automaticity in attitudes and social cognition
  2. Researchers seem to agree on the different effects that lead to renewal of stereotypes (the different self-fulfulling prophecies)
  3. However, the school case highlights some divergent voices, which suggest another situation-behavioral response model

Stereotypes are a quite important part of social life and attitudes, they are everywhere, conscious or not, leading to discrimination. Most of the people are aware of their existence, are aware that they do not necessarily reflect the reality (and most of the time they do not reflect it at all), but they still last over time. That's why we could wonder if there is a link existing between the behavioral change of people while stereotype activation, and stereotypes prosperity, and which could be this link. We could wonder if there is a kind of vicious circle, endless, which could nurture stereotypes: the behavioral change due to stereotypes because people are aware of them (this is called self-fulfilling prophecies) could reinforce the initial stereotype, leading to an even stronger stereotype, itself leading to another behavioral change toward this stereotype,... Finally, the main question is: what is the role of self-fulfilling prophecies in the maintenance of stereotypes?

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