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Ethnic patriotism and the East African revival: a history of dissent, c. 1935-1972 (2014) - PETERSON Derek

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  1. The question of sources
  2. Context and historiography
  3. The (re)invention of tribes
  4. Revivalism as a subversive culture
  5. What about nation-states?

In his study Derek Peterson tries to define the debates around identity and solidarity in East Africa after the colonial era. Nowadays these issues are still a place for struggle. Indeed the oppositions presented in his study are still relevant.

Once methodological and archival issues are studied, this paper deals with a bit of contextualization and a state of art relative to these issues. Then the main theses are discussed in the light of Derek Peterson and on previous historiography. Finally the conclusion deals with the wider issues of continuity in time and constructivism as a historical paradigm.

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