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Impact of Affordable Care Act on healthcare insurance benefits in Georgia school districts

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  1. History leading to introduction of Affordable Care Act
  2. Introducing the Affordable Health Care
  3. Benefits of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 to the people of Georgia
  4. Individuals having pre-existing conditions are now able to get health cover
  5. Accommodating the early retiree employees
  6. Introduction of the community and home care based services
  7. PeachCare for the children
  8. Emphasis on the preventive health care
  9. Insuring the 19-25 years old age group
  10. Why the state of Georgia needs the Affordable Care Act of 2010
  11. Problems arising due to inability to access health care services
  12. Changing the trend of health neglect to health prosperity

European Medical Universalism has been approach that has been adopted by the European Countries in the implementation of their medical strategies and interventions. Unlike the European counterparts the United States of America have adopted an approach commonly referred to as the social model. In this model it works in such a way in which the people are not made to suffer for the poverty but rather they can have access to the medical services and enjoy them regardless.

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