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15 Oct 2023

Telling a journey to America in the early 20th century

Tutorials/exercises - 1 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Today, it's been a month I arrived in New York. Time flies really fast, and at the same time it feels like I've been here for a very long time... With the threat of war in Europe, and nothing to keep me in England, the opportunities offered by America were very appealing.

08 Aug 2022

Theories of British Politics in the 20th century

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

Twentieth-century British politics have been linked to one of the most discussed primal concepts within the existing global affairs, particularly throughout the past seven years. With fundamental referendums which exceptionally resulted in the dramatic withdrawal of the United Kingdom from...

01 Oct 2022

What Were the Greatest 20th Century Innovations?

Essay - 4 pages - Modern history

As a century of great significance in our modern society, the twentieth century succeeds the Industrial Revolution and was dominated by the first two World Wars, the Cold War, and transformations of the political and social structures across the globe. It was also the time of great...

28 Sep 2016

Jewish Immigrations of the Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York (19th & 20th century)

Essay - 8 pages - Modern history

The Lower East Side in Manhattan, New York, is symbolic of American Jewry. Since the mid 1800's, sometimes earlier, European Jews emigrated from various countries and settled in New York. Their most common destination was the Lower East Side in Manhattan, and since then this area is well...

28 Sep 2016

Genocide and mass killings in the 20th century

Essay - 6 pages - Modern history

In August of 1939, Adolf Hitler addressed his commanders with the words, "Thus for the time being I have sent to the East only my 'Death's Head Units' with the orders to kill without pity or mercy all men, women, and children of Polish race or language. Only in such a way will we win...

23 Jan 2015

History of London in the 20th Century

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

This paper is interested to uncover the history of London in the 20th century. What was it like in London in the 20th century? What were the evils that prevailed? Which characters that were deemed illegal were spotted throughout the 20th Century? These...

08 Oct 2015

Gender sexuality and nationalism in the Early 20th Century in China

Essay - 2 pages - Modern history

In the early twentieth century the world was changing with urbanization becoming one of the main changes that the world faced in this period. There were more people that were moving to the urban areas and this was accompanied by changes in the beliefs and also some of the customs of the...

28 Aug 2014

Impacts of the 20th Century Wars on UK's Housing Stock

Essay - 9 pages - Economy general

UK emerged from the 20th Century wars with different housing needs, which accelerated the divergence of attitudes and policies of social housing. The wars resulted to a decline in housing production for most of the decades, which fell further during the war itself. By 1918, there...

17 May 2013

Compare and contrast the ways in which both authors might be seen to present an indictment of 20th century American society in 'The Catcher in the Rye' and 'The Virgin Suicides'

Case study - 3 pages - Literature

There is an argument that American society was founded or widely based on the American Dream, an idea based on freedom, and the belief that prosperity will occur through hard work, with equal opportunity for all. This was the basis for the American Declaration of Independence, which stated...

28 Dec 2010

A retelling of history through underrepresented eyes-another side of Haitian-Dominican relations in 20th century Hispaniola

Thesis - 6 pages - Modern history

History, lauded for its immortality and ability to put into perspective the present, is a double-edged sword. As Cicero put it, “history is the witness that testifies the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in our daily lives, and brings us tidings of...

29 Sep 2010

Communism and Fascism : Two ideologies of the 20th century

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Communism and Fascism have both played a very decisive role in the 20th century. They had a big impact on all the major geopolitical issues of this century; the Russians Revolution of October 1917, the Spanish civil war, WWII, Cold War, Vietnamese's wars, Cuba's...

17 May 2009

The features of management processes and structures in terms of Fordism and Taylorism: Why did these models come under pressure during the late 20th Century? Has there been a definitive break from them?

Thesis - 7 pages - Management

Between 1893 and 1911, F.W Taylor published a series of books about management that defines the basis of a new science: The scientific organization of work . On the one hand, he notes “the dawdling” of workers, who are at the same time influenced by their natural way to be lazy and the...

16 Jan 2009

Saving souls or saving the world: The Jesuits and politics in the 20th century

Essay - 17 pages - Political science

On Monday 7th January 2008, the 35th “General Congregation” of the Society of Jesus, the famous religious order founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola and some followers, met to elect its 29th “General Superior”, after the demission of P-H Kolvenbach for cause of old age. The...

27 Jan 2009

A critical study: Spanish artifact influences in the Andes in the mid-20th century

Thesis - 11 pages - Modern history

The Spanish encountered a culture very foreign to their own in the jagged peaks of the Andes. At the time of the conquest the Andean Mountains were spattered with different languages. There was no alphabetic writing. What the pan-Andeans did have was objects, everyday objects such as tunics...

29 Apr 2009

Economic history of Hong Kong during the 20th century

Thesis - 8 pages - Economy general

In this essay I will explore the economic history of Hong Kong during the 20th century. Hong Kong, during this period, I will argue, went from an entrepot trading outpost, which nevertheless attracted large British trading companies, to a major independent regional trading center. I...

17 Jul 2008

Salem Village through the eyes of 20th century historians: A historical and geographical review

Essay - 9 pages - Modern history

In 1953, Arthur Miller composed a highly-charged work for the theater that struck its audiences as frighteningly relevant to the times. That play was called The Crucible, and its fictional examination of the Salem Witch trials has become a classic of American Theater. Miller's play was well...

30 May 2008

The Mothers of Martyrdom: Women in Early 20th Century Irish Drama

Essay - 3 pages - Film studies

In the early quarter of the 20th century men of Ireland struggled for freedom; forming leagues and brotherhoods and secret organizations of resistance, unionizing labor and creating a more cohesive political resistance, arming themselves and training for armed conflict, eventually...

21 Apr 2008

Jewish- Americans of the early 20th century and a look at how the Jews Became White

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Modern history

Race is often viewed as a predetermined feature, one that is fixed in biological terms. In reality however, "race" is not immutable or fixed in biology, but rather something that is fluid, historically relative, and socially constructed. As a result, "It has become Customary among academics to...

09 Dec 2008

Russia in the 20th century: The Geneva Conference and peaceful coexistence

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

A study of the Soviet press' portrayal of the Geneva conference and the Western powers provides an insight into the role of the press in shaping public opinion for the state and against the West. Furthermore, the image of Soviet-American relations in the press undercuts the tense reality of...

15 Aug 2022

Land Art of the Twentieth Century

Course material - 5 pages - Art history

The term land art refers to an art movement that was popularized in the 1960s and 1970s. It was popularly associated with Great Britain and the United States, but it included examples from other countries. Land art, also referred to Earth art, environmental art, or Earth work, broadens the...

05 Feb 2021

The House of Mirth (Edith Wharto, 1905) and Passing (Nella Larsen, 1929) - Women identity issues in the early twentieth century

Essay - 3 pages - Literature

The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton) and Passing (Nella Larsen) are novels presenting female characters struggling to fit into the 20th century society. At the time, women were not very independent and had almost no means to earn a living. In The House of Mirth, Lily Bart's...

14 Sep 2023

Crises of Capitalism: 1847, a 19th-century crisis heralds the future

Essay - 4 pages - Economy general

Between slave societies, characterized not only by exploitation but by the possession of man by man, and capitalist society, where man is free in law but where the labour of those who have only their arms exploited by the owners of the means of production. While capitalism, as the dominant mode...

26 Aug 2008

Landscape painting in 19th and 20th centuries

Essay - 10 pages - Arts and art history

Landscape painting in the American context emerged in the 19th century along with the philosophical works of Emerson and Thoreau. The literary arts also began to turn toward an examination of the natural world at about this time. American painters, whom had previously been preoccupied...

27 Nov 2023

Speech of Barack Obama on March 18th, 2008 - The Inequalities in the 21st Century in the United States

Text commentary - 3 pages - Modern history

This speech, pronounced at the Constitution Center, a highly symbolic place for the history of the USA by the Senator and candidate to the primary election of the Democratic party, and transcribed later in the New York Times of that day, has a particular meaning if we consider that it mainly...

16 Aug 2012

What are the reasons for the growth in the world's major urban centres in the twentieth century? Are the reasons for the growth similar to those that explained urban growth in the developed countries?

Essay - 8 pages - Modern history

While the origins of cities go back to over five thousand years, urbanization; the process of population concentration into urban areas is a recent phenomenon dating back to the 18th Century when cities began growing in the now developed world. As Davis puts it, “before 1850 no...

12 Nov 2013

Comparison of female roles within 17 century New France and 1950s Canada

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

The role of women within society is continually changing as a reflection of altering social dynamics. In New France between 1670 and 1690, the economy was primarily dependent on the trading of furs and women's status within the community coincided with this economic sector. Within this time...

15 Jan 2009

Is social capital a useful tool for explaining the politics of public health in the twentieth century city?

Essay - 5 pages - Political science

The development of “politics of public health” is historically dated. As Foucault noted, it appeared with the broader emergence of the idea of “population” which provides, in the modern era, the conceptual framework of health policies. The existence of a common concept,...

04 Oct 2022

American Cultural Aspects for Business

Course material - 11 pages - Modern history

America has been created from the East to the West. The West is a concept in history, for an American it is often associated with the idea of frontier. In the 19th century St-Louis (Missouri) was considered as the gate way to the West, when people went to the West they went directly to...

03 Sep 2014

Why did the Catholic Church bind together yet simultaneously tear apart nineteenth-century Latin American Societies?

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

The Great Schism of 1054 signifies the split between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches as a result of Patriarch Michael I and Pope Leo IX excommunicates each other. In the past, there were disagreements between these churches sighting the bishop of Rome (who was the acting pope) who felt...

03 Nov 2022

The Outcome of Digital Influence During the COVID Pandemic

Dissertation - 46 pages - Communication

Relationships are important in all societies of individuals and businesses. People-to-people interactions are essential. Consumers no longer buy products, they buy values, ethics and want to feel engaged to environmental purposes. Communication is not about speaking anymore, but listening and...