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16 Apr 2023

Political Parties and Election in the Middle East and North Africa

Summary - 2 pages - Political science

This text is based on "Elections under authoritarianism: Preliminary lessons from Jordan" by Ellen Lust, "Bullets over Ballots: Islamist groups, the state and electoral violence in Egypt and Morocco" by Hendrik Kraetzschmara and Francesco Cavatortab and "Elections and Distributive Politics in...

21 Apr 2023

Political Parties and Elections - Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Summary - 2 pages - Political science

This text is based on "After the Arab Spring: Do Muslims vote Islamic now?" by Charles Kurzman and Didem Türkoglu, "Elections in the Arab world: Why do citizens turn out?" by Carolina de Miguel, Amaney A. Jamel and Mark Tessler, "The Middle East" by Ellen Lust and "Bricks and Mortar Clientelism:...

11 Mar 2023

West African Anglophone Literary Productions

Course material - 21 pages - Literature

By and large, the objective of this course is to get students in the humanities to cast a meaningful glance at the landscape of the aesthetico-social and political realities which have affected the continent, ever since slavery days through colonization up to the contemporary stage, in the prism...

05 Sep 2022

White-collar crime in South Africa

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Sociology

White-collar crime is nonviolent crime that is committed by a person in order of financial gain. This specific type of crime is seen as nonviolent as people are not generally hurt in the process. Everything is more secretive and doesn't involve many people. The risks are seen as minimal and...

10 Sep 2021

Environmental Law - Sustainable Development in South Africa

Essay - 4 pages - Environment law

The expression "sustainable development" has been used for years now. It is all about the promotion of people's well-being, the improvement of their life quality, especially in the long run. This means that what the current generation is doing has consequences on future generations. Therefore,...

25 Jun 2021

South-Africa Presentation

Essay - 1 pages - World geography

On 1948, the ideology supported by the National Party government named apartheid was introduced in South Africa. The principal aim was to separate the blacks from the whites by numerous laws such as the prohibition of Mixed Marriages. Obviously, some people disagreed and decided to resist...

28 Apr 2021

African Conflicts in International Relations - China in Africa : Political or Economic interests ?

Essay - 5 pages - International relations

China's involvement in Africa cannot be reduced to only one dimension. It would be an oversimplification to label the Chinese interests on the continent as either political or economic solely: these two aspects often constitute two faces of the same coin. China's increasing...

15 Mar 2021

Professional ethics of attorneys (South Africa)

Law case study - 6 pages - Other law subjects

Mr. Matlou was the attorney at the state attorney who was briefed by the department of health to represent it as a defendant in the case L v MEC for Health, Gauteng. His conduct in the matter and the manner in which he dealt with it both before, during and after the trial, illustrates...

15 Jan 2021

Impact of Monetary Policy on South African inequality

Case study - 5 pages - Economic politics

In 1994 the first democratic elections in South Africa brought about the promise of equal opportunity and overall improvement of living standards. However, 26 years later the high levels of South African inequality still remain. This level of inequality has been institutionalised in the...

15 Jan 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on South African Financial Markets

Case study - 8 pages - Finance

A new type of corona virus first identified in December 2019 has swept across the globe infecting millions of people. The virus, scientifically known as COVID-19, has caused many governments to declare a national state of disaster and to implement nationwide lockdowns to prevent the spread of the...

18 Aug 2017

History of African-Americans (1600-1877)

Essay - 3 pages - Modern history

Slavery in America started sometime back and during this period, there was the capture of the first Africans and they were brought to North America. In North America, there was a British colony in Jamestown, Virginia, where tobacco farming was widely practiced across North America in 1619. Cheap...

27 Jul 2015

Comparison between continents: America and Africa

Essay - 1 pages - Geography

Diversity is the product of nature. Humans come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless, geographical location combines a wide assortment of humans of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the combination of differences, there remains a divide. Something still distinguishes...

16 Feb 2015

Apartheid on the Africans

Case study - 4 pages - Social sciences

In the history of humanity, has been witnessed by many the exploitation of man by man, for several reasons: political ideology, religious and economic. South Africa lived many years in this system of economic exploitation, emphasizing a difference to other regions dominated, there was this...

16 Feb 2015

The introduction of apartheid in South Africa

Case study - 5 pages - Educational studies

Effective African colonization began with the Dutch at first were very friendly relations, becoming violent later. The Dutch also called Boers found several foci of resistance as the Hottentots, Bushmen and further north the Xhosa (were farmers, practiced animal husbandry, possessed large tracts...

17 Apr 2015

Racism as a cultural phenomenon-South Africa and France

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Racism as a cultural phenomenon In recent times, the aspect of culture has emerged as central in the debate about racism. Due to its mode of transmission, culture has a direct impact on the interactions of the current generation. For example, the Japanese population within the United States only...

29 Sep 2015

Lassa fever in West Africa

Essay - 12 pages - Medical studies

This paper focuses on Lassa fever in West Africa. The Lassa virus that causes the fever has been considered a member of Old World Arenaviruses. In this regard, it has been solely considered endemic in West Africa. Its full endemicity is nevertheless unclear especially given the poor...

19 Aug 2014

Book review: American Africans in Ghana: Black era Expatriates and the legal civil Rights Era

Book review - 3 pages - Literature

The book; American African in Ghana was written Kevin Gaines and published by Chapel Hill publishers, at the University of North Carolina. The book emphasizes on the interconnections between the African studies and African American studies by introducing, in its broad chapters the context of...

11 Apr 2014

Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

Sub-Saharan Africa: with its beautiful lush landscapes, diverse cultures, fantastic wildlife and wealth of natural resources there is also a huge amount of suffering. With the highest poverty rates in the world, Africa faces many obstacles on its path to development. Although its...

16 Apr 2014

Girl child education and economic development in Africa

Case study - 6 pages - Educational studies

The objectives of this essay are to: Discuss reasons why girl child education is essential for economic development in Africa. Discuss reasons why the girl child in Africa is underprivileged in terms of education Discuss the impact of the low level of girl child education on...

31 Jul 2014

African conflict and resources

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The history of South Africa mainly revolves around communication and the conflict of the numerous varied ethnic groups in South Africa. Just like other historical accounts of various countries, South Africa is not any different. The themes of race, gender, and the...

20 Oct 2014

Are African Women Portrayed Negatively in Films?

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

When the Nigerian film industry, famously referred to as Nollywood burst into the world of film-making in the early 1990s, Africans and indeed the entire black world applauded and cheered at an industry that was not only homegrown but also one that was ready to finally show the world that...

18 Aug 2014

Egypt- Source of African cultural Superiority

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

There is an age-old discussion about racial supremacy. Though there is a consensus that all people have equal intellect and that the environment pays a great role in shaping characters, the debate about African contributions to contemporary culture has been raging. There is a feeling that...

18 Aug 2014

A contrary discussion on the topic "With the West Flat, Big Beer Brewers Peddle Cheap Beer in Africa"

Case study - 6 pages - Finance

This is an argument disagreeing with the case study, With the West Flat, Big Brewers Peddle Cheap Beer in Africa. Africa is a young continent with many countries being in the developing category. Therefore, there is a competition of many foreign countries trying to penetrate their...

06 Aug 2013

Women in Film: African Filmmakers and Female Identity in African Cinema

Case study - 5 pages - Film studies

tradition from generation to generation. This is an essential part of how powerful the medium of film can be in Africa; it is more effective in societal change than books, literature, or anything involving literacy. African film goes beyond its function in western culture; it serves a...

16 Jan 2013

The Great Scramble: European Anxiety and the Division of Africa

Case study - 4 pages - Political science

In the high Victorian era, the Great Powers of Europe were suddenly struck with what initially seemed a inexplicable fever to divide among themselves an entire continent about which they knew remarkably little. Although some of the colonies subsequently formed became very profitable, the initial...

19 Sep 2013

The truth and reconciliation commission of South Africa

Case study - 1 pages - Educational studies

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of South Africa was formed by parliamentary legislation in December of 1995. It's purpose was to give the people and government of South Africa the chance to reach a mutual reconciliation. The apartheid had ended, but there were still...

27 Sep 2013

Election rigging and effects on education development in Africa

Case study - 4 pages - Educational studies

In a contemporary society, election is recognised as the legitimate way of effecting a change of government. This is based on the fact that democracy is the best form of government through which many dividends can accrue to the citizens of every nation that imbibe it. The conduct of election can...

15 Aug 2013

Business plan for concrete manufacturing plant in Ghana, West Africa

Business plan - 52 pages - Business strategy

Population of Ghana has been increasing at an average rate of 1.8% per year. Increase has imposed a burden on the country for infrastructure in the form of schools, hospitals, housing, and roads. At independence in 1957, the required infrastructure was provided mainly by the then...

19 Sep 2013

The high susceptibility of females to HIV/AIDS in sub-saharan Africa

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

Imagine the following scenario. You are a twelve-year-old boy living in Tanzania, the oldest of five children. Your mother and father have recently perished from AIDS, and your only living grandparent has recently become infected with HIV. For this reason, he is unable to work to earn money for...

27 Feb 2012

South Africa - An investment-friendly economy

Thesis - 7 pages - Economy general

This paper is devoted to one of the most advanced, broad-based and productive economy in Africa. This paper is about trying to understand how the Republic of South Africa became "one of the most advanced and productive economies" in Africa. We will pay attention to foreign...