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21 Feb 2022

A Holistic Approach to the Development of Sustainable Agriculture: Application of the ecosystem health model, Xiubin Wang, Wenna Liu and Wenliang Wu (2009)

Book review - 4 pages - Ecology & environment

The boom of demographics has led scientists and government leaders to reform agriculture policy, which is more sustainable and improves food security and social development. This reform has transformed the practice of intensive agriculture, using mechanization and fertilizers that...

08 Jan 2015

Community supported agriculture (CSA) - CSA UBC Farm

Case study - 2 pages - Educational studies

This essay investigates what motivates members' in joining and remaining in the CSA. It also investigates the ability of CSA program to develop social capital within the surrounding community. Farm is an important asset to the UBC community since its value increase with time and its availability...

24 Dec 2013

Ancient Mayan Agriculture and Sustenance (The Classical Period: 200 A.D. - 900 A.D.)

Case study - 2 pages - Philosophy

Mayan civilization began around 1800 B.C. in the southern parts of Mexico; particularly in what we would refer to in the present day as the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and certain parts of Honduras. According to many archeologists the Mayan civilization began to flourish...

19 Jan 2009

Salon Vivez Nature: Trade Show of biological agriculture and natural products

Essay - 3 pages - Biology

What is a biological product? A product is considered biological when the producer did not use any pesticide, chemical weedkiller or fertilizer of synthesis. The biological farmers rather use natural manures, original seeds and cultivate the ground thanks to tested methods. In France, the real...

24 Aug 2009

Economic development in Nigeria: The role of agriculture, FDI and trade relations with China, India and the USA

Case study - 15 pages - Economy general

Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa which have a large economy. It is also one of the most populated countries in Africa with the highest number of labor. The country is well endowed with mineral resources compared to other countries in Africa. It is the largest oil producer in Africa and...

21 Aug 2007

Sustainable Agriculture: Achieving Food Reform

Essay - 4 pages - Political science

We have a global crisis on our hands. For decades, industrial agriculturists have ravaged and monopolized our global countryside and our global resources. Recently, as world hunger awareness has grown, these corporations would claim in the name of good will and the elimination of world hunger...

12 Feb 2021

Deforestation in Côte d'Ivoire

Essay - 2 pages - World geography

Deforestation is the phenomenon of reduction of forest areas. Deforestation is when forest areas are permanently lost (or at least lost over the long term) to other uses such as agriculture, urbanization or mining. Africa is also a large deforestation zone in the world. Côte d'Ivoire...

19 Jan 2009

Is the Common Agricultural Policy indispensable for the future of Europe ?

Essay - 16 pages - Economy general

The CAP has long been a stumbling block among EU members. Last year, Jacques Chirac strongly opposed Tony Blair's proposal about the CAP. Indeed, France is the country which receives more agricultural subsidies while the United Kingdom does not get any concern in the agricultural policies. The...

25 Jul 2022

Computerised farming: the cow of tomorrow - The Economist (2019) - How and what means do companies use to computerise the breeding of cows?

Text commentary - 1 pages - Economy general

Today, computers have made it possible to control computers, programs and even robots, which is fascinating, but the idea of the machine taking over from humans can be terrifying. This idea is quite justified to cross our mind considering the evolution of computer science which has evolved to...

19 Nov 2021

Wine Yield Forescasts Using EO and Weather Data

Internship report - 16 pages - Computer science

Yield forecast methods based on satellite imagery are numerous, and they are usually built around diverse machine learning approaches. This internship was an introduction to a whole remote sensing workflow development, from the input data retrieving to the final forecast itself, which is to be...

07 May 2009

The impacts of the common agricultural policy (CAP) in France

Thesis - 10 pages - Administrative law

The CAP is often considered as a debate of the specialists since this is a very complex and technical topic, but nowadays there is a huge public debate on this policy which is one of the most important European policy and also one of the most expensive one. In May 2006 there was the biggest...

29 Sep 2010

The Common Agricultural Policy

Essay - 10 pages - European union

Agriculture, is to date, the economic sector in which the integration of the EU members has gone the farthest. The success of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), is the result of the elaboration of some basic principles aiming to establish a common market. Since the CAP implementation in...

06 Oct 2023

Development GAP and its Multiple Dimensions

Course material - 9 pages - Economy general

Most of those people hate to leave their country, but they are moving because they realized that these dimensions are essentials for their lives. In a way they are searching for a better condition in different dimensions: education, health, security, economically, etc. These are different...

28 Jul 2021

Pellenc company strategy - SWOT analysis, Porter's 5 forces, BCG Matrix, and McKinsey Matrix

Case study - 6 pages - Business strategy

Pellenc company was founded in 1973 by Roger Pellenc and Jean-Paul Motte in France. Its head office is in Pertuis, in the Vaucluse. In 2018, its turnover amounted to more than 140 million euros. This figure also is constantly changing, and the company has declared its target of 450 million euros...

20 Jul 2022

Impact of agroforestry and social forestry on wildlife: birds and smaller animals

Case study - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

Most modern systems of raising animals separate animals from their natural environment. In these systems, many of the cycles of nature which are beneficial to both animals and their environment are broken. The use of animals can be a controversial topic. In many situations, especially in the...

15 Apr 2010

The use of genetic algorithm for solving a long-term land allocation problem for optimal cropping plan in agricultural system

Case study - 15 pages - Mathematics

This paper presents how the genetic algorithms (GAs) can be used to the fuzzy goal programming (FGP) formulation of land allocation problems for optimal production of seasonal crops in agricultural system. In the proposed approach, utilization of total available land for cultivation, aspiration...

24 Nov 2014

Theme of Change in Hessler's Country Driving- A Journey Through China From Agricultural Farm to Factory, Hessler, P

Essay - 3 pages - Computer science

This book depicts Peter Hessler's journey that started in the summer of 2001 through 7000miles of China. Hessler made this book comprehendible by subdividing it into three sections. In the first section, he analyzes the Great wall starting from Beijing and venturing to the Tibetan plateau...

19 Dec 2022

Workshop about Sustainable Alimentation

Internship report - 2 pages - Ecology & environment

I took this workshop because it is fully related to SDG15 and SDG2 and because in my studies I did not have the opportunity to be made aware of this issue. This conference was structured around: CO2 emissions, the ethical aspects of food, and health and nutrition. The main goal of this conference...

31 May 2023

Cheese-Making Process

Presentation - 11 pages - Nutrition, alimentation and dietetic

The different stages in the production of Emmental cheese.

24 Mar 2009

The implementation of information technology towards agricultural development: New initiatives and strategies

Case study - 6 pages - Economy general

After the initiation of liberalization reforms of 1990's, rise of new economy stocks or sunshine sector in the Indian economy great changes had taken place throughout the nation. The entry of corporate in areas of public sector dominance, competition between private players, access to newer...

17 May 2009

Designing a centrifugal pump for agricultural purposes

Thesis - 7 pages - Journalism

The purpose of this project was to calculate the dimensions of a centrifugal pump, for a determined application, to write a report and then to make an oral presentation, in English, to an auditorium. Therefore, this is a complete project from the choice of the specifications with documented...

28 Jul 2015

The world hunger

Essay - 2 pages - Social, moral & civic education

Everyone human being experiences with some form of struggle. It is an inevitable part of life. However, some struggles are a bit more serious in nature than others. Hunger provides an example of this. Hunger is a world issue that has yet to be resolved. The issue has been evident for several...

24 Nov 2014

Growing Change, Offering a Solution to World Hunger-Movie review

Case study - 4 pages - Film studies

Growing Change, a film by Simon Cunich, is a documentary investigating the current food system and solution to world hunger. The film documents the current food system by trying to understand why a lot of people goes hungry every day. The film begins by an investigating the long-time underlying...

14 Oct 2009

Food aid, distortion, and the WTO

Thesis - 14 pages - Social, moral & civic education

The first of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Specifically, this goal aims to “halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger. Yet, today 963 million people are hungry. To help fill the apparent void, the international...

29 Sep 2010

What is the international role of the CAP and how does it affect its future?

Essay - 7 pages - European union

Since the creation of the European Community and the single European market by the Treaties of Rome, the modalities of a common market of foodstuffs had been a central concern in European affairs. As Robert Ackrill points out, "the CAP is one of the most pervasive of all EU policies, one of the...

31 Dec 2010

The productive forces of United States of America

Thesis - 32 pages - Economy general

The GNP of United States is the highest in the world, at $10,946 billion in 2004, substantially higher than the EU-25 ($9449 billion, including $1523 billion for France) and two and a half times higher that of Japan ($4390 billion). The GNP per capita remains the fourth highest in the world, with...

21 Nov 2006

« EU loses a landmark sugar case at the WTO », by SAPA-AP & Blomberg, business Report, 29 April 2005

Essay - 9 pages - Management

The trade of agricultural products is increasing a lot all over the world. In many countries (mainly the poorest ones), agriculture is the dominant sector of the economy and plays a very important role. To control the trade of agricultural products and to limit unfair practices,...

16 Apr 2014

Maasai gender relations during the colonial period: A patriarchal transformation

Case study - 15 pages - Political science

The imposition of colonial power in Africa disrupted all aspects of indigenous society. Not only were Africans robbed of political independence, but pre-colonial social structures were also destroyed or transformed based on the mercy of certain colonial powers. The Maasai, a pastoral people in...

15 Jan 2009

Using the examples of organically grown coffee in Mexico and fair trade bananas St-Vincent, this paper argues that a new global 'Green Revolution' is underway

Essay - 5 pages - Ecology & environment

'Globalization is the increasing interdependence, integration and interaction among people and corporations in disparate locations around the world' . This phenomenon can have good effects such as helping developing countries improve their economy or their industry but also their...

21 Nov 2014

Climatic Change and its effect on Food Production

Case study - 3 pages - Educational studies

The agricultural sector plays an important role within our country's economy. Other than agriculture providing us with food, agriculture also comprises of seafood, and livestock which all together contribute an estimate of $200 billion dollars annually to our country's economy...